Can one title be swapped for another title?

No, each Demand Portal subscription includes a set number of titles which must be selected at the commencement of the subscription. Additional titles can be added at any stage for a nominal annual fee by writing to A Demand Portal subscription can also be upgraded with additional markets, at any time.

Whilst all data is available to Demand Portal users for each title in all markets included in the subscription, titles cannot be swapped for other titles once the subscription has started. Swapping is not possible because data would be missing for any removed titles should they ever be added back into the account. Thus, all time series charts would show missing data between the point of removal and re-addition. This not only causes confusion with users, it also makes any average demand portfolio calculations inaccurate. For this reason titles cannot be swapped, however, additional titles can be added very cost effectively as noted above.

It is beneficial to add new titles as this provides better context and allows for more accurate benchmarking and comparisons: Additional titles will provide a more comprehensive comparison of average genre, competitor, channel, studio, network, and OTT platform demand, on an aggregate (portfolio) basis, for all markets around the world.

Once a title is added, data will be immediately accessible for all markets. The key benefits for expanding the list of titles is the ability to compare the country-specific demand of entire portfolios of content.

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