What are the minimum data requirements for a TV show to be available on the system?

To ensure comparability across the Demand Measurement system, every title on-boarded to the system needs to have its demand captured across all "data streams", such as social media, downloading/streaming, video streaming, blogging, etc. Once a title has been validated across all data streams, its global demand will be measured and available for consumption via our Demand Portal and Demand API.

Please note this does not mean that the TV show needs to have activity on every single data platform we capture. Naturally not all TV shows have equal presence and activity on every online platform. For example, some TV shows have high activity on social media with low or no activity on peer-to-peer networks, while others have high activity on peer-to-peer networks but low or no activity on social media.

For a TV show to be added to the Demand Measurement system, it needs to be validated across those data streams, even if it has very little activity on any one or more of those streams. TV shows cannot be added to the system until they are validated across all the data streams. In cases where shows cannot be validated, it is typically due to either the lack of metadata availability to validate the TV show (particularly for non-English language content, until that language is on-boarded) or due to very low volume of data for the TV show, where a baseline global demand for the show cannot be established. 

If there is a TV show that cannot be validated across all data streams but you believe should have that baseline of demand, you can submit a manual on-boarding request to help accelerate its on-boarding process.

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