How do you select which content you track?

The process by which our Demand Measurement system selects and tracks TV content on a global scale utilizes a system unique to Parrot Analytics. The following three sections explain the sequence of events that occurs for the selection, collection and reporting of global demand data on a title-by-title basis:

1. Content Discovery Engine

The process begins with a highly-intelligent "Content Discovery Engine" within our platform: In summary, this engine enriches each title's metadata, and in doing so, identifies a title across all of the demand expression data streams we capture.

Our Content Discovery Engine plugs into all leading metadata providers about TV shows. This data includes show-specific metadata like episode data and demand expression platform tags like social media handles, hashtags, video streaming channels and tags, pages (etc.) for each show.

In addition, the platform also populates Parrot Analytics’ internal Content Genome™, which tags every TV show with additional layers of metadata at a granularity level not provided by off-the-shelf metadata providers. Combined, this metadata is crucial for enabling us to identify and capture the correct data for each TV show across all of our data streams.

Please note that because our platform is language-agnostic, non-English TV shows can certainly be tracked on the platform: In fact, many non-English titles are already being tracked. The Content Discovery Engine is currently being expanded to plug into wider non-English metadata providers to accelerate local language title on-boarding. Our title on-boarding queue includes many non-English TV shows that will be on-boarded over the coming months. In addition, please note that on-boarding of local titles can be accelerated by submitting a manual on-boarding request.

In summary, Content Discovery Engine currently targets English-language TV shows primarily, by interrogating English-language metadata providers, and then feeds this metadata into the downstream "Data Collection Engine" (refer to next section). Additional languages can and will be added as we plug into additional metadata providers.

2. Data Collection Engine

Following on from content discovery, our Data Collection Engine checks every live data stream (from social networks to downloading/streaming sites and video streaming sites, etc), and then begins tracking the global demand for that TV show. 

3. Demand Measurement Platform

Once a TV show has gone through the validation steps (please refer to steps 1-4 in this article), its global demand data will be available to be consumed via our Demand Portal and Demand API.

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