What is Demand?

Demand for content - in this case, television content - is essentially the dictionary definition: it is the desire, engagement and viewership by consumers for a particular commodity.

Demand for television content is what drives transactions and consumption on all platforms, such as linear TV, TVOD or SVOD services - and our television measurement system captures this audience demand.

Consumers express their demand for television shows through what we call “demand expression platforms,” including video streaming, social media, photo sharing, blogging and micro-blogging, fan and critic rating platforms, peer-to-peer protocols and downloading/streaming sites. We capture the empirical expressions of demand from all of these sources and combine them into two measures of demand: Demand Expressions and Demand Expressions per capita. These 2 metrics are our way of measuring demand.



By collecting all the activities on all the digital platform types we track, with the help of Demand Rank™, we are able to measure daily demand in any market of any already released TV show.

Our demand-based TV measurement is therefore much more comprehensive than other single-source activity based measurement systems.

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