Do you track content that is not officially available in a certain market?

We do, using both Demand Rating and Demand Expressions. Our platform can do this because we capture all the digital activities related to a specific show regardless if that show is already available in a certain market or not. 

We exclusively focus on online activities in order to represent the empirical activities in the digital space without any samples, extrapolations or other inferences. 


This is how the metrics should be used to determine how much demand one show has over another:

Demand Expressions (within a market):
Comparing demand between two shows in a single market is straightforward with Demand Expressions: If Orange is The New Black had the same 2,819,342 Demand Expressions in the United States as in Germany, that would mean its demand in the US is lower than in Germany, as the US has a bigger population.

Demand Ratings (across markets):
Comparing demand for a show across markets is more difficult. Because Demand Ratings increase exponentially, a difference of 10.00 Demand Rating means different things in terms of change in demand, depending on whether the increase was from 40.00 to 50.00 or 80.00 to 90.00 Demand Rating. The difference between Demand Ratings can be quantified in the Demand Portal.

Understand the difference between Demand Rating and Demand Expressions.

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