How to select your favorite shows

Are you constantly seeking demand data for the same set of shows within your subscription? Select your favorite shows and access demand data faster.
From the homepage of the demand portal, click the “Explore” module on the left sidebar. You will see all of the shows available in your account. 
You can select a favorite show by hovering over the image of a show and clicking the ‘heart’ in the bottom left corner of the image. 
Or, you can type in the name of a specific show from the search bar. 
Notice how the number of favorite shows increases in the top right of your screen. 
Click on “My Favorite Shows” to reveal all the TV shows you have selected. To remove a show from your favorites, just click the heart again and it will be removed. 
You can view your favorite shows from the homepage by scrolling to the bottom of the screen. 
Parrot Pro Tip: Use the “Favorite Shows” filter when comparing titles in the “Shows” module. This is an easy way to filter and select TV shows when comparing demand. Learn how to compare shows here.
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