How to compare shows within a single market

You can compare TV shows within a single market by accessing the Shows module in the Demand Portal.
Access the “Compare Shows” capabilities from the left sidebar by clicking “Shows” or from the main dashboard.
This is where you can select your content, market and specific time range.
Click Content to select the shows you want to compare. There are a few ways to do this.
    • You can type in the specific show and select it manually.
    • You can choose the ‘select all shows in my subscription’ option.
    • Or, you can use a content filter to make your selection.


Once you’ve made your selection, click apply.
Next, select the market.
And lastly, choose the time range.
  • You can select time and dates ranging from the last 24 hours, to daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly breakdowns.

Click apply and review the demand revealed for each show.


Since you're comparing shows within one market, you will see the demand measured in absolute Demand Expressions. Hover over a point on the line to reveal the exact number of Demand Expressions on a specific day.

  • Click, and a popup box of demand information will appear on the screen. Click the blue “X” to remove this box.


Pro Parrot Tip: You can compare up to 10 shows at one time.

You can export this data as an image or a CSV file by clicking “Actions”, EXPORT.



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