How to use a Content Filter to quickly select titles

With thousands of titles in the demand portal, it’s important to be able to access the shows you want, quickly.
Use a content filter to quickly and easily select the titles for your analysis. Access Content Filters anywhere in the demand portal where you can select shows.
For this tutorial, we’ll start from the Shows module on the left sidebar.
Click the “Add Content Filter” button below the “Content” box.
Here you will find all content filters available:
  • Genre filters allow you to filter based on top level genres such as Drama or Comedy.
  • Subgenre allows you to drill down a bit further by selecting content types such as Action and Adventure, or Animated Sitcoms.
  • Original Network filters allow you to select titles based on the original network the show was created for.
  • Release Types are divided by Digital Originals or Network titles. (We define Digital Originals here.)
  • You can even filter by Mood.
  • Filter by Country of Origin to select titles based on their location of creation. This is helpful for when you're investigating local productions.
  • Lastly, you can filter by Custom Labels. 

Once you’ve made your selection, click apply, select the other variables such as Market and Time, and review audience demand for your specific selection of titles.
You will see all of the content filters you applied above the graph. Click the blue "X" next to the filter in order to remove it from your selection.
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