How to zoom in on daily changes of demand

The Demand Portal reveals audience demand in real time so you can easily track changes in demand over time, on a daily basis. 
In this tutorial, we have selected a number of digital original shows in the US over the last 90 days. 
You can see the variances of demand expressions over August, September and October.
Let’s say you want to view audience demand specifically for the launch of a new show, which occurred in late October
All you need to do is hover, click and drag in order to “zoom in” and view the demand shifts from a daily perspective. 
To revert back to the original time period, click “show all” in the upper right corner.
Parrot Pro Tip: Hover and click a specific day while zoomed in to see the percent daily change of demand for a title.Percentage_change_in_daily_demand.png
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