How to create Custom Regions

Parrot Analytics captures and combines data from every country in the world.
The Demand Portal allows you to compare shows within each market and the Custom Region feature allows you to group together any number of markets to further customize your demand data analysis.
From the Shows module, select which content and time range you would like to investigate. Click Market to begin building your Custom Region.
When you click to select your Market, you will see “Custom Regions” then “+ New Region” - click Create a Region.
Enter the region name. We’ll use North America in this example. Next, type or scroll to select the unique markets you’d like added to the region.
You can find all the selected regions at the bottom of the pop up window. When you’re finished, click SAVE.
If you need to edit the Custom Region, click EDIT and or DELETE REGION in the next popup window.
Keep in mind: Custom Regions don’t need to be geographical; you can define your custom Regions according to your specific parameters, such as sales territories.
Now you’re ready to compare demand for TV shows within your region. Click Apply.
The output will showcase the average daily demand expressions per capita for each title. 
You would read the graph like this:
On November 13th, 2018, Marvel's Daredevil had 8.51 average demand expressions per capita in North America.
In order to determine the average daily demand expressions per capita for the specific time range, click Table. 
You would read the table like this:
Over the last 30 days, Marvel's Daredevil had an average 7.42 daily demand expressions per capita in North America. 
Parrot Pro Tip: You can use the custom regions function in the Demand Distribution Module as well. Learn about this tool here.
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