How to do a Cross-Market comparison

You can view global insights about TV series quickly by doing a Cross-Market comparison in the Demand Portal.
This module allows you to view the top shows by average Demand Expressions per capita for any selection of markets or time range, providing an apples-to-apples comparison of the demand for a TV show around the world. 
From the home page, click Markets, then select Cross-Market Comparison. 
You can select which shows to include by selecting “All Shows” or using a content filter- learn more about content filters here.
Next, select the market. You can select up to 30 individual markets. You can also select a custom region- Learn more about creating custom regions here.
Lastly, select the time range. 
You will see the top shows ranked for each market you have selected.
Hover over an image and click; the ranking title, and demand expression per capita will appear in a box. 
How to read this:
Stranger Things ranked #2 in demand in Mexico for digital original series over the last 90 days.  In the US, it was the most popular digital original series over the last 90 days.
To remove the title selection reset your view, click the blue "X" in the upper right corner of the module. 
You can export this data as an image or CSV file by going to the upper right hand of the portal and clicking Action > Export. 
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