Markets Module Overview

Let’s take a look at the Markets Module in the Demand Portal.
At the top of the module, you will find the Market Overview, Cross-Market Comparison, and Top Shows add on.
Select any market in your subscription to see an overview of the current TV landscape in that market.
At the top of the page, you will see the current population of the market as well as the percentage of people in that market who have internet access, labeled Internet Penetration.
The next section is an overview of the the Video on Demand platforms available in that market. Click SEE ALL on the top right to view every VOD platform available. 
On the left, you can see the top five shows in the market. On the right, you can see the top five digital original series in the market. This data is updated in real time, every 24 hours.
On the bottom of the Market overview, you can see the top shows broken down by demand source type. 
The three different demand sources are video consumption (downloading and streaming), social media engagement, and research. 
Need a refresher of demand sources? Click here to learn more about demand. 
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