How to view Top Shows by market

The Top Shows add-on module allows you to easily see the most in-demand shows for a market, including shows not in your subscription.
Access the module from within the Markets Module, or the Add-On Modules section on the left sidebar of the Demand Portal.
Select a market and a time range. For this example, we’ll look at demand for shows in the United States during the month of October 2018.
You will see a ranking of the top shows on the far left and their average and peak demand expressions for the specified time range in the middle.
You can also see the rankings of the shows by average and peak demand expressions.
Click LINE and you will see a time series indication of shifts in demand for the specific time period. Hover and click anywhere on the line to see the average daily demand expressions for a particular day as well as the percentage change in demand.
Lastly, the genre and sub-genre are displayed on the far right column.
Don’t forget! You can export this data as a PNG image or CSV file by clicking ACTIONS>EXPORT on the top right of the screen.
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