How to create and use Custom Labels

You can generate custom labels for titles in your subscription directly from the Demand Portal.
From the bottom left of the Portal homepage, click MANAGE YOUR SETTINGS, then LABELS. 
To create a new label, click + NEW LABEL
Type in the label name at the top of the pop up box, then make your title selections. 
In this example, we’ll select shows that our hypothetical client is currently promoting on their platform.
Click the show and it will be added to the left column. Click the title again and it will be removed. Click save.
You will now see the newly created label on the left column marked ALL LABELS. If you scroll down, you will also see the title has been marked with a label. 
You can also add a new label to any show, directly from this screen. Just click next to the previously created label, type and hit enter.
Filter labels by using the search bar at the top of the module. 
Custom labels allow you to categorize shows in whatever way you choose. Once you’ve created a custom label, you can use this as a content filter while in the Shows Module, allowing you to quickly determine demand for your specific set of shows.
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