How to create and manage portfolios

Portfolios are an easy way to group a selection of shows together based on any set of criteria you desire.


You can create portfolios by clicking PORTFOLIOS on the left sidebar in the Demand Portal. Click CREATE A PORTFOLIO.


You have now entered the Portfolio Manager.

Create a new portfolio by clicking + NEW PORTFOLIO.


Enter the portfolio name and description in the boxes. Note: As a default, portfolios are shared across all accounts in your organization. This is a collaboration tool to allow multiple people to access and analyze the same grouping of shows. If you make a portfolio public, you cannot make it private in the future.

Alternatively, you can select “MAKE PRIVATE” to make a private portfolio only you can see. You can make it visible for all account users at any time.



To add shows to the portfolio, either type in the show in the search bar or add the shows from the list of all titles in your subscription on the right.


You can also add a content filter to narrow down the list of available titles. Learn more about content filters here.

Click on a title to add it to the portfolio. Remove titles by hovering over the blue check mark and clicking the X.


Click SAVE.

You will see the Portfolio Manager display the portfolio and all titles selected. Click EXIT PORTFOLIO MANAGER to leave this window.


Next you will see a chart of the demand captured for the entire portfolio of shows over time. You can select the market and time range to review.


Now let’s see a portfolio in the Shows module.

Go to SHOWS and navigate to the Content box. If you select your new portfolio, you will see a breakout of the demand for each of the shows in the portfolio instead of the aggregate demand we saw in the Portfolio module.



Do you need assistance with creating, managing and using custom portfolios? Contact our support team and we would be happy to help you get the most out of this feature.

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