How to add insights directly into a report

You can now add insights to a report directly from each Demand Portal module. No need to interrupt your workflow to create a new report. Instead, you can click Add to Report after creating a new insight from within the Shows, Markets, and Portfolios modules.


After building an insight, click Add to Report in the top right corner of the module. Click + New Report from Insight to begin building your new report or add it to one of your existing reports from the drop down list. You can continue adding insights to the report from within the same screen by clicking the name of the report you just made or you can go directly to the Reports module to begin editing. In this example, we take a look at Digital Original Superhero Series across multiple markets for the same time range. 


Once you decide to edit the report, you can enter titles and descriptions for each slide. 
If you need to edit the insight, you can do so from within the Reports Module by hovering over the charts and clicking the ‘pencil’ icon. 
Download, share, delete or duplicate the report by clicking the three dots from within the top right of the module.
Your reports will live within the Reports Module which can be accessed on the left sidebar of the Demand Portal.
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