How to create reports

The Reports Module helps you conveniently create, store and share the insights analyses you generate in the Demand Portal.
Now you can easily integrate daily demand data into your workflows by downloading a PDF or a Powerpoint document of the specific insights you’ve discovered. You no longer need to screenshot charts or graphs to later insert into a presentation. Instead, you can create a portrait or landscape customized presentation entirely within the Demand Portal. The Reports function supports all insights capabilities including:
  • Top Market & Cross Market Analysis
  • Compare Shows & Compare Portfolios
  • World View for Shows/ Portfolios
  • Demand Distribution 

Manage, sort and share your reports from the Reports Library, which can be accessed on the left sidebar in the Demand Portal.


Start by clicking the NEW REPORT + label in the top right of the REPORTS module.

Name your report, choose landscape or portrait orientation, and click CREATE.


Click + Add Insight to insert a specific insight function directly into the report. 


You can access the same modules you have access to from the main pages of the Demand Portal.


Within the Reports Library module, you can edit, share, export, duplicate, star, send, and delete reports.


The Reports editor provides sections for customized text and titles for each slide. When you’re finished, you can download the report as a PDF or PPT, or share with a member of your team, streamlining communications and delivering insights faster.
You can also create a report from directly within the Demand Portal- learn how here.
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